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Discover a world of elegance and luxury with Cunard's exquisite suite categories: Queen's Grill, Penthouse, Balconies, Outside, and Inside.

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Queens Grill Victoria 2028

Queens Grill Victoria, QV - Cunard V303
Hong Kong, China to Southampton, England
March 19 April 26 2028 - 38 Days
CUNARD Queens Grill

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Cunard Queens Grill Victoria World Cruises QV 2028
Queens Grill Victoria World Cruise Cruises 2028 Ship QV, Queens Grill Victoria Boat Cruise 2028 Cunard Queen's Grill - Queens Grill Victoria QV Restaurant 2028
Queens Grill Penthouse, PH Depart
March 2028
19 March 2028 Hong Kong, China
20 March 2028 At Sea
21 March 2028 Nha Trang, Vietnam Full Day
22 March 2028 Ho Chi Minh City (Phu My), Vietnam Full Day
23 March 2028 At Sea
24 March 2028 Bangkok (Laem Chabang), Thailand Full Day
25 March 2028 At Sea
26 March 2028 At Sea
27 March 2028 Singapore Full Day
28 March 2028 Kuala Lumpur (Pt. Kelang), Malaysia Full Day
29 March 2028 At Sea
30 March 2028 At Sea
31 March 2028 Colombo, Sri Lanka Full Day
April 2028
01 April 2028 At Sea
02 April 2028 At Sea
03 April 2028 Mumbai, India Full Day
04 April 2028 At Sea
05 April 2028 At Sea
06 April 2028 Muscat, Oman Full Day
07 April 2028 Dubai, United Arab Emirates Full Day and Evening
08 April 2028 Dubai, United Arab Emirates Full Day
09 April 2028 At Sea
10 April 2028 At Sea
11 April 2028 At Sea
12 April 2028 At Sea
13 April 2028 At Sea
14 April 2028 Aqaba (for Petra), Jordan Full Day
15 April 2028 Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt Full Day
16 April 2028 Sokhna, Egypt Full Day and Evening
17 April 2028 Suez, Egypt Early Morning
17 April 2028 Suez Canal, Egypt Daytime Transit
17 April 2028 Port Said, Egypt Early Evening
18 April 2028 At Sea
19 April 2028 At Sea
20 April 2028 Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy Full Day
21 April 2028 At Sea
22 April 2028 At Sea
23 April 2028 Lisbon, Portugal Full Day
24 April 2028 At Sea
25 April 2028 At Sea
26 April 2028 Southampton, England Disembark
Cunard Queen's Grill 2028
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